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Hawthorne Valley is a bustling place, and we welcome visitors year-round!

Just passing through?

If you’re just passing through or coming on a whim, the Farm Store is open seven days a week from 7:30 am to 7 pm. After checking out the foods made fresh on the farm, you may enjoy taking a self-guided tour around campus — poke your head in the barn, visit the pigs, stroll through the Corner Garden, visit the Creek, hike Phudd Hill. Look for the Self-Guided Tour map in the brochure stand inside the Farm Store; or click here to view the map online.

Interested in Waldorf education or teacher training?

For a tour of the School or to learn more about Waldorf education, please contact the School Admissions Office by e-mail or by calling 518-672-7092 x 111.

Waldorf teacher training courses, various art classes, and other Alkion Center offerings also take place at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. Alkion Center tours can be scheduled by e-mail or by calling 518-672-8008.

Local Ecology Activities

Interested in ecology and/or the social, ecological, and agricultural landscape of Columbia County? Check out the upcoming events at the Farmscape Ecology Program. Call 518-672-7994 or e-mail for more info. Saturday walks, Thursday dinners, and other activities are all part of the program!

For additional information about the surrounding area, Columbia County Tourism offers a Visitor’s Guide and other resources.