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Free Columbia Announces Schedule for The Lazarus Project

The result of the inaugural artist-in-residency at Free Columbia, the Lazarus Project exhibition will take place May 14-21, 2016 at Inky Editions (, a 5,000 square foot print-making studio at 112 Front St. behind Basilica Hudson, past the Amtrak station in Hudson, New York.  The project will have open gallery hours from 4 – 9pm and nightly events at 7pm including opening and closing receptions.

The Lazarus Project is a collaboration between Finnish multimedia artist Sampsa Pirtola, American producer Jordan Walker, painter and Free Columbia co-founder Laura Summer, and production designer and musician Tim Kowlaski. The Project’s exhibition incorporates elements of painting, video, placed-based installation art and participatory performance.  Examples of the artist’s past work is available on the websites below:

Sampsa Pirtola:

Jordan Walker:

Laura Summer:

Tim Kowalski:

The Lazarus Project explores two questions: What if we have been largely sleeping through life, and one day are called to wake up?  What would it look, sound and feel like to arise from our slumber and ‘come forth’ into the world, awake?

Click here to see the project’s trailer.

Our collaborative exploration of these questions has led through themes as diverse as virtual reality and trans-humanism, popular understandings of life-after-death, historical and contemporary initiation, the role of art in social life and more.

Partial Schedule (check for the latest schedule or on Facebook.)

Saturday, May 14th – The Lazarus Project Opening Reception

Tuesday, May 17th – “New Ways of Seeing – New Ways of Thinking” A talk by Nathaniel Williams

Wednesday, May 18th – “Scenes from a Trashold Opera” by Sampsa Pirtola

Thursday, May 19th – 4pm Hole Earth dig with Robert Leaver 7pm Art Dialogue

Saturday, May 21st – Closing Reception with Trashold Opera performance, M.C. Matre and much more.

All Events at 7pm unless noted otherwise.  Open Gallery Hours each day 4 – 9pm at Inky Editions, 112 Front St. behind the Basilica, past the Amtrak station in Hudson, New York.