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Free Columbia Announces New Course to begin in 2016

Philmont, NY—Free Columbia, an initiative of Hawthorne Valley, is pleased to announce its new course, a low residency investigation of Rudolf Steiner’s sketches for painters. The course will be held in four sessions beginning in January 2016.

In 1922, the painter Henni Geck asked Rudolf Steiner if he could give a new kind of training for painters. Steiner handed her the first of what have come to be called the “Nature Moods” or Rudolf Steiner’s 9 Sketches for Painters. In this course, participants will work their way through the Sketches during one-week sessions in April, July, November, and January 2017.

“These sketches, at first glance, seem simplistic and hurried in execution. Could there really be a path for painters here?” said Laura Summer, co-director of Free Columbia. “In working with them over the past twenty years, I have come to appreciate their depth and to find in them all of the elements needed for the beginning of a new understanding and experience of color for the painter.”

In this low residency course, participants will explore the sketches in many media with various approaches seeking the essential qualities of each sketch. The class will work intensively while together, and exercises will be given to be worked at home in the intervening months.

Work at home can be done in any medium, perhaps even as in investigation in sculpture, photography, music or dance, whatever your chosen medium is. Participants will return with work done and learn from each other’s investigations. Although it is suggested that the entire year long course be considered as a whole, it will be possible to join for a single session.

To learn more about the low residency course, including dates and suggested donations, please visit Free Columbia’s website.

All of the work at Free Columbia is based on an understanding of the importance of creating free cultural spaces (free as in freedom), therefore there are no set tuitions.