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Spring Benefit

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Spring Benefit & Celebration a Huge Success

Thank you to one and all who helped to make the 2014 Spring Gala and Benefit such a wonderful event. The band and music, dancing and desserts, and auctioneering were terrific. Thanks to our Benefit Committee chair Evan Messinger and committee members Tresca Weinstein, Peter and Julie Gale, Martina Deignan, Lisa Warner, and Lisa Jackson. A special thank you to Peter and Julie Gale for managing the logistics of the venue and food; gift-in- kind solicitations were managed by Max Leiber with excellent help from Lisa Warner, Martina Deignan, and Tresca Weinstein. We also are grateful to the parents and friends who baked for the event, providing for a delightful dessert assortment. Thanks also goes to staff members Max Leiber, Sushannah Sorensen, Karen Preuss, Laurie Schmolz, and Amy Flaum for their behind-the-scenes support of the event.

Many thanks to our 2014 Sponsors!