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The Free Columbia Puppet Theater Presents “Momo The Time Titan” at Great Song Farm

Based on the Children’s Story- ‘Momo’ by Michael Ende

An enthralling tale of an orphan girl who has made her home in a ruined amphitheater on the outskirts of a bustling, nameless city. Momo has a unique gift – in her presence troubles become less burdensome, conflicts are resolved, and imaginations take flight. But Momo’s world is threatened when mysterious gray men appear, promising wealth and success to people who hurry through life now, saving time and depositing it in a Timesaving Bank. Realizing that all that is precious – life itself – is at risk, Momo sets out on a perilous mission to defeat the men in gray. This is truly a story for our times, an imaginative fantasy and a tale of suspense with far-reaching implications about the quality of life today.

The story will be told with a variety of puppetry techniques and styles. All puppets have been built for this show by members in the troupe.

When: Tue, Aug 2 @ 7:00pm
Cost: Free
Where: Great Song Farm
475 Milan Hill Rd., Red Hook, NY 12571
Contact: 919-357-7622
More Info: Visit this website