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Course: Drawing Class for Young People

Ages 12 and up

This class is for everybody who wants to draw, whether you already do it all the time, or you never really started but want to learn how. We will explore how to draw what we see (and how to really see it), how to compose abstract elements (like light, dark, shapes, lines, and more) into an interesting composition, and the experience of the viewer in observing art.

Starting January 12th, Tuesdays 3:30-5pm for 6 weeks

Suggested Donation: $0 – $45 per session

Taught by Eiren Graver

Eiren is a graduate of the Free Columbia Full Time Course and has been teaching various subjects to children and adults for 15 years.

When: Tue, Jan 12 @ 3:30 to 5pm
Cost: $45 maximum donation per session
Where: Free Columbia
84 Main St, Philmont, NY 12565